About Us

Dorian Rope was created for you to provide the finest in bondage rope, toys and accessories. We strive to use the highest quality materials to create safe and enjoyable products for riggers, bottoms and rope lovers everywhere.

Our company specializes in hand made jute and hemp products for Risk Aware Consensual Kink (R.A.C.K.) play for adults.

About Dorian-

Dorian is a Michigan based rope enthusiast who shows his love and affection through sadism and edge play. He is a sadomasochistic switch who enjoys rigging, pressure points, whips and various other types of play. Safety is extremely important to him and he emphasizes safety information, communication, negotiation and R.A.C.K. in all of his classes.

He has an education background in linguistics and has 15 years of martial arts experience that he enjoys incorporating in scene. Dorian leads Rope Bite Grand Rapids and helps teach at Rope Bite Kalamazoo and Lansing Rope. Dorian has taught classes and intensives for Detroit Board of Education, Indianapolis Kink Society, and a few other places. Although his focus is in Kazmi Ryu, some of his biggest inspirations with rope are Yukinawa Max, Kanna, Moco, and Zamil.

About Spectra-

Spectra reinforced rope was originally made by Twistedview and was passed on to me a few years ago. This rope has roughly triple the breaking strength of traditional jute. The 9-100lb spectra strands also acts as a last resort when natural fibers do break down or break. I will be providing videos of break testing in the very near future. This rope now comes in 2ply and 1 ply variations and all colors that I offer can be special ordered through dorianrope@gmail.com.

Please note- International Order Shipping is set to 0$. International shipping varies significantly due to location. I maintain this 0$ shipping to give people the best option for shipping based on their preferences and the best cost to them. I email about shipping once the order is reviewed.